Wheel of Fortune: On Tour

Play Wheel of Fortune: On Tour and you could spin your way to some big slot wins.

    Wheel of Fortune: On Tour Slot - How To Play

    Play with up to 30 paylines in Wheel of Fortune: On Tour.

    Wheelmobile Wilds Feature

    On any spin where a Bonus symbol doesn't land on reel 1, you could unlock the Wheelmobile Wilds feature, which will substitute a maximum of four symbols randomly with Wilds.

    Level Up Plus Feature

    One fuel point is accumulated for every Scatter symbol that appears on the reels in the base game.

    One fuel tank is awarded after you've accumulated 10 fuel points.

    If Bonus symbols are displayed on reels 1, 3 and 5, the On Tour Bonus is activated, resulting in the fuel gauge being completely filled, earning you a single fuel tank.

    When the bonus round begins the fuel tanks are emptied, allowing the Wheelmobile to progress on the map.

    Bonus Unlock Tiers

    0 - You begin play on this level

    1 - Free Play Free Spins

    - The Free Play Free Spins Bonus slice is activated on the wheel

    - Payback boosted

    2 - Expanded Top Award

    - The slice is expanding, making you 3x more likely to trigger the wheel's top award

    - Payback boosted

    3 - Letter Board Picker

    - The Letter Board Picker slice is triggered on the wheel

    - Payback boosted

    4 - Multiplier Slice

    - You will receive a multiplier worth between 2x-5x, as well as an extra free spin on the wheel

    - Payback boosted

    5 - Spin to Win

    - The Spin to Win slice is unlocked on the wheel

    - Payback boosted

    6 - Bonus Trigger Boost

    - A random feature will be triggered when a Scatter symbol is displayed

    - Payback boosted

    On Tour Bonus

    When the On Tour Bonus is triggered, the Wheelmobile will begin to move around the map, triggering different bonuses as it progresses.

    The On Tour Bonus Wheel is spun after this feature has concluded.

    Free Play Free Spins Bonus

    Three free spins are triggered when this bonus begins.

    A random symbol becomes Wild on the first spin.

    The second free spin results in all matching symbols becoming Wild.

    On spin three, all new symbols become Wild, including symbols that landed on the first two spins.

    It is not possible to re-trigger this bonus round.

    Letter Board Picker

    You will receive three picks when the Letter Board Picker is unlocked.

    Select a letter in 'Wheel of Fortune' and you will reveal an award or a multiplier.

    A maximum of seven picks can be awarded alongside a 5x multiplier.

    Wheel of Fortune: On Tour RTP

    Return To Player (RTP): 92.5%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £92.50 of wins.