Daily Paper

You could win cash or Free Spins while playing the bubbly free game Daily Paper!

    Daily Paper Free Game Overview 

    This uses a grid of 90 squares. 

    Pick a square to reveal a prize.

    Match the symbols for a chance to win free spins - free spins won in Daily Paper may be used in Paper Wins or Paper Wins Jackpot.

    Six picks are granted each day to use in Daily Paper.

    The number of symbols required to collect for a prize will be displayed in the prize table shown on-screen.

    Number Required
    Cherry35 free spins
    Bar 4 47 free spins
    Double Bar510 free spins
    Seven 615 free spins
    Free Hols720 free spins
    Sports830 free spins
    Celeb Gossip940 free spins
    TV Fun1050 free spins

    The board is stored for a week.

    It is free to play Daily Paper, although you must have made a lifetime deposit of £10 to be eligible to play.

    Each game begins on a Monday at 00:01 and ends on Sunday at 23:59 - so each game lasts seven days. 

    The six picks must be made between 00:01 and 23:59 each day.

    To qualify for the monthly special game, you need to have played throughout the month and return on the last day of the month to play.

    Monthly Headline Picks

    On the last day of each month, you can play Headline Picks for a chance to win free spins.

    Every day that you play Daily Paper, you will receive one pick to use on the last day of that month.

    You must play Daily Paper between 00:01 and 23:59 on the last day of the month to be eligible to play Headline Picks.

    Pick papers from the grid shown on-screen for a chance to win free spins.

    The first time that you play Headline Picks, you will receive a one-time bonus of one free pick for each day that the current game has been in play.