The Price Is Right

You could win a host of excellent bonus prizes when you play The Price Is Right!

    The Price Is Right Slot - How To Play

    Play with up to 25 paylines in The Price Is Right.

    The Big Wheel Bonus

    The Big Wheel Bonus is activated when three Bonus Scatter symbols are displayed across reels 1, 3 and 5. Bonus Scatters can only appear on these reels.

    Upon triggering this feature you are granted a spin on The Big Wheel, which will award a multiplier, or the Plingo or Cliff Hangers features will be unlocked.

    If the wheel pointer stops spinning on a multiplier value, you receive a payout of the multiplier value times the total bet from the spin that activated the feature.

    Punch A Bunch

    Punch A Bunch may be before a winning spin in the base game, and you will then have up to four punches on the Punch a Bunch board, where multipliers worth between 2x to 20x your bet could be revealed.

    You can decide to accept the multiplier value, or you can reject it and have another pick, although if you reject three offers the fourth one will be automatically awarded.

    The feature ends when you reveal the 20x value, or when you accept an offer, or when the fourth offer is awarded automatically.

    All wins from the spin that initiated this bonus will be multiplied by the multiplier value.

    It is not possible for Punch A Bunch to be triggered on a spin that unlocks The Big Wheel Bonus.

    In this round, the optimal strategy is to accept the first and second offer if they are worth more than 12x.

    The optimal strategy on the third offer is to:

    • Accept if the offer is bigger than 12x and the second offer was 10x.
    • Accept if the offer is bigger than 8x, and the first and second offers were 12x and 10x respectively.
    • Accept if the offer is worth at least 10x.

    Cliff Hangers

    You trigger this feature when the wheel ends on Cliff Hangers during The Big Wheel Bonus, and you will receive free spins alongside an increasing win multiplier.

    When this feature is initiated, you are awarded one free spin plus a 1x total win multiplier.

    Following the first spin, Yodely Guy and the mountain are displayed over the reels showing 25 steps, with multipliers worth between 1x and 25x. Yodely Guy will ascend a random number of steps up the mountain to a larger win multiplier level, and you will receive a random number of free spins with that multiplier.

    When you've used all of your spins at the current multiplier level, Yodely Guy reappears over the reels and will ascend further up the mountain to a different random multiplier level, with a random amount of free spins given at the new level. The amount of steps and free spins awarded are based on on the current level of Yodely Guy.

    Current Multiplier Level
    Steps Triggered
    Free Spins Triggered
    1x - 9x1-10 steps1-10 spins
    10x - 20x1-10 steps1-5 spins
    21x or greater1-4 steps1-3 spins

    The bonus proceeds in this manner until 25x has been reached by Yodely Guy reaches 25x, at which point a final value free spin is granted alongside a 25x multiplier.

    Reels used in Cliff Hangers are different to those in the base game.

    Free spins are played with using the same bet size and paylines that were active on the triggering spin.


    Plinko is activated when the wheel lands on Plinko during The Big Wheel Bonus, and you will be awarded three chips to drop onto the Plinko board.

    A 1x or 2x multiplier will be granted by the first chip.

    The second chip will award either a 2x or 3x multiplier.

    From the third chip, you will receive either a 3x or 5x multiplier.

    Choose a chip and decide where to drop it at the head of the Plinko board. All choices have the same expected payback, however it may alter your play experience.

    Win the value corresponding to the slot where the chip landed, multiplied by the chip multiplier, which will subsequently be multiplied by the triggering line bet.

    The bonus ends when you've dropped all three of your chips.

    The Price Is Right RTP

    Return To Player (RTP): 94.78%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £94.78 of wins.