Silverback Gold

With a maximum win of 45,000x, Silverback Gold has some incredible features to be in the chance of winning big! 

    Silverback Gold Slot - How to Play

    Play with up to 1024 paylines on Silverback Gold. 

    Wild Symbol and Multiplier Wild Symbol

    During the main game and on Free Spins, Wild symbols can land in reels 2, 3 and 4. 

    If a Wild symbol appears on the reels in Free Spins, it randomly turns into a x2 or x3 Multiplier Wild symbol. 

    Any bet way wins that includes a Multiplier Wild Symbol will be multiplied by its value. 

    If a win involves two or more Multiplier Wild symbols, the win will be multiplied by the product of their values. 

    You can replace all symbols, expect for Scatter symbols, with Wild symbols and Multiplier Wild symbols. 

    Wild symbol and Multiplier symbol substitutions pay the highest winning combination on a bet way according to the paytable. 

    Silverback Attack Feature 

    The Silverback Attack feature can be randomly triggered in the main game and in Free Spins. 

    The Silverback Attack feature can be activated in Free Spins if the Bonus game and Free Spins are activated with the Buy feature. 

    After the feature has been activated, six to 20 Silverback symbols are randomly placed on the reels when the spin begins. 

    The reels may randomly placed Silverback symbols with tokens during Free Spins. 

    If the Silverback Attack feature is activated during Free Spins, the Silverback symbol will be upgraded to a Golden Silverback symbol.

    If this happens, between six and twenty Golden Silverback symbols will be placed on the play area. This occurs whilst the reels are spinning. 

    Bonus Game

    In order to activate the Bonus Game and Free Spins, three or more Scatter symbols must appear on the reels in the main game.

    The Bonus Game is played first, starting with three spins. 

    All spins are free.

    Scatter symbols that activated the Bonus Game will turn into tokens that are locked on the reels. 

    Tokens will have a random value of one, two, three, five, 10 0r 25.

    During the Bonus Game, every position on the reels spin individually.

    Locked positions do not spin. 

    Only tokens can land during the Bonus Game. 

    Every time a token lands, the token value will be revealed (its random value) and it's position becomes locked. 

    Once locked, the number of free spins will reset back to three. 

    The Bonus Games will send once the number of spins is nil, when all token positions are locked or if the total value of all collected tokens reaches 300 or more. 

    At the end of the Bonus Game, all total value from the tokens will be saved and the Free Spins will start. 

    Free Spins

    The Bonus game is played first. 

    In the main game, three or more Scatters appearing on the reels will activate the Bonus Game and Free Spins. 

    All spins in the Bonus Game are free, and you will start off with three free spins. 

    The positions with Scatter symbols that activated the Bonus Game will turn into tokens with a random value. 

    Tokens values - one, two, three, five, 10 or 25. 

    Once Scatter symbols have turned into tokens, they will become locked. 

    The locked positions do not spin, however any other position on the reel spins individually. 

    Once the token has fallen from above the reel, it will reveal its random token value. 

    Once revealed, the position with the token becomes locked and the total of spins is reset back to three. 

    Once the spins counter reaches zero, all positions become locked or the total value of collected tokens reaches 300 or more, the Bonus Game comes to an end.

    The Free spins will start again once the Bonus Game has ended and the total value of the tokens have been collected and saved. 

    Silverback Gold RTP

    Return to Player: 96.11%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.11 of wins.