Rainbow Riches: Drops of Gold

If you enjoy other Rainbow Riches slot games, why not try your hand at Rainbow Riches: Drops of Gold and you could trigger the unique Drops of Gold feature. 

    Rainbow Riches: Drops of Gold Slot - How to Play

    Play with up to 200 paylines on Rainbow Riches: Drops of Gold.

    Wild Symbols

    There are two types of Wild symbols in this game:

    • Silver Pot Wilds - substitute for all symbols apart from the Bonus symbol
    • Gold Pot Wilds - override all other symbols, including the Bonus symbol

    Wilds are only active while playing the Big Bet game at a minimum stake of £30.00.

    Magic Fairy Bonus

    Whenever this symbol lands, it will turn into a random Mystery symbol at the end of the spin. 

    All Magic Fairy Bonus symbols in view will transform into the same symbol type, giving you even more chances to win.

    Bonus Symbols

    Land three or more scattered Bonus symbols to trigger Free Spins. 

    Drops of Gold Symbol

    If this symbol appears during the base game, Free Spins or Big Bet games, the Drops of Gold Bonus will be enabled.

    Drops of Gold Bonus

    A rainbow of Gold and Silver Pot symbols is positioned above the lower reel, which feed into a drop zone. 

    The drop zone is five reels wide by four reels high. 

    At the end of a spin, if the fifth reel contains a single or double height Drops of Gold symbol, all Pots in the drop zone will fall into the corresponding positions on the lower reels.

    A drop will trigger if any part of a double height Drops of Gold symbol is visible on the fifth reel.

    If a Silver Pot falls onto a Bonus symbol, it will turn into a Gold Pot symbol and consequently replace the Bonus symbol. 

    Malfunction voids pays and plays throughout the game.

    Big Bet

    There are three Big Bet games to choose from (below) - options are presented at the start of the feature.

    All Big Bet games consist of five linked spins of the reels.

    Win lines and wins are calculated according to the awards table; wins are accumulative and pay out at the end of the feature.

    Free Spins can be awarded during each Big Bet game.

    £20.00 Big Bet Game

    During this Big Bet game, any Rainbows that appear will upgrade to a Super Rainbow.

    Super Rainbows contain additional Pot symbols.

    Landing a double height Drops of Gold symbol on the fifth reel will increase your chances of triggering the Drops of Gold feature.

    £30.00 Big Bet Game

    The following outcomes occur during a £30.00 Big Bet Game:

    • Rainbows upgrade to a Super Rainbow, which contain extra pot symbols
    • Double height Drops of Gold symbols appearing on reel five give you more chances of triggering the Drops of Gold feature
    • Lower-value symbols are removed from Big Bet base game reels

    £50.00 Big Bet Game

    All of the same outcomes apply during a £50.00 Big Bet Game as a £30.00 Big Bet Game.

    £50.00 Big Bet Games are played with an extra 100 win lines.

    If a Drops of Gold symbol lands on the fifth reel, Free Spins will trigger and the number of paylines available will increase to 200.

    Rainbow Riches: Drops of Gold RTP

    Return to Player (RTP): 94.00% - 97.75%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out between £94.00 and £97.75 of wins.