Rainbow Gold

Play our online slot game, Rainbow Gold, to be in the chance of winning incredible prizes, free spins, multipliers and more!

    Rainbow Gold - How to Play

    There are up to 20 paylines available in this game.  

    Top Tracker And Prize Collection 

    This game features a tracker, which will showcase a random prize over each of the five reels.

    On each spin, the prize on the left will move out of the screen and a new prize will appear on the right-hand side.

    When a Leprechaun symbol lands on the reel, the prize shown on the reel will be awarded. 

    The following prizes can randomly appear on the top tracker:

    • Direct Money: awards a prize worth 2x-100x your total wager, without an increase in your Ante bet
    • All In View: awards all the values of other top trackers currently visible on the screen
    • Super Spins: triggers the Free Spins Bonus. Each Super Spins item has a random number of matrices, from 1-4, that will be unlocked for the subsequent free spins feature. 

    The current prizes on the tracker are saved for every possible wager.

    The tracker will reset to the default or previously saved state.

    Super Spins Free Spins Round

    The round is triggered once a leprechaun symbol lands and collects a Super Spin item from the top tracker. 

    Eight initial free spins are awarded at the start of the bonus round. 

    The round is played on up to four 3x5 matrices. 

    At the start of the round, the number of matrices unlocked is equal to the number on the top tracker that was hit during the base game. 

    Each matrices has its own top tracker with random items - they move right to left at every spin. 

    Hitting Leprechaun symbols during the round will award the prize from the top tracker above the reel it hits.

    During Free Spins, items can randomly appear on the top trackers, including: 

    • Direct Money: awards between 2x and 500x your total wager, without increasing the Ante Bet
    • All In View: awards the sum of all other top tracker items from the matrices it was hot on
    • Super All In View: Awards the value of all other top trackers on all the matrices on the screen 
    • Free Spins: awards an extra 2, 3 or 5 more free spins
    • Rainbow Boost: Unlocks one of the locked matrices in the current round 

    Ante Bet Feature

    With the Ante Bet feature, you can increase the bet multiplier by 25% to 25x per line.

    Placing an Ante Bet will increase the chance of a Leprechaun symbol landing. 


    Rainbow Gold RTP

    Return to Player: 94.44%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £94.44.