Money Train 3

Speed along the reels with the Money Train 3 slot game.

Free Spins, multipliers and many more fabulous prizes are up for grabs in this game!

    Double Bubble Bingo - How to Play

    Play with up to 40 paylines with Money Train 3.


    In Money Train 3, 12 different special symbols can land on the reels. 

    Each special symbol will trigger a different outcome:

    CollectorCollects the value of all symbols present and add them together with its own.
    SniperDoubles the value of 3-8 symbols on the reels.
    Collector/PayerWill add the values of 3-5 symbols to its own before paying the sum out to each symbol.
    NecromancerBrings 2-7 symbols back to life, meaning they can be re-used (only works on symbols that aren’t persistent).
    AbsorberAbsorbs the values of Bonus symbols and adds them to its own.
    Tommy Gun SniperIncreases the value of one randomly-chosen symbol by a maximum of six times.
    Tommy Gun PayerSelects a symbol at random and adds its multiplier value (worth 5-100x) to that symbol up to ten times.
    Persistent CollectorEach turn, this symbol will collect the values of all symbols on the reels and add them to its own.
    Persistent SniperEach turn, this symbol will double the values of 3-8 Bonus symbols.
    Persistent Payer/CollectorActs the same as the Payer/Collector but repeats every spin.
    Persistent NecromancerActs the same as the Necromancer but will repeat each spin.
    Persistent ShapeshifterThis symbol will shapeshift into a new symbol every spin.

    Re-spin Feature

    At the end of any spin, the Re-spin feature can be triggered.

    A random symbol will be selected at the start of the feature to become 'sticky' - it will remain fixed in its place while the other positions re-spin.

    An additional re-spin will be awarded for every new symbol that lands during the round.

    If a symbol featuring a multiplier lands during the Re-spin feature, the value of that multiplier will be applied to your total win.

    If multiple symbols with multipliers land, those multipliers will be added together before being applied to the total win.

    When all remaining re-spins have been played, the feature will come to a close.


    Money Cart Bonus

    If at least three Bonus symbols land on the reel simultaneously, the Money Cart Bonus will be triggered.

    Three free spins will be awarded to start the bonus.

    A multiple of your stake will also be awarded at the beginning of the round.

    A new reel will be unlocked if you manage to populate an entire reel during the bonus - this can happen a maximum of two times.

    Buy Feature

    For a price, you can use the Buy Feature to activate the Money Cart Bonus.

    You can choose from four different versions of the Money Cart Bonus with the Buy feature: the original version, the Persistent version, the 1 Spin version and the 2 Spin version.

    The original version will be the same as the regular bonus.


    Persistent Version

    One of the five Persistent special symbols will appear on the reels.

    Anytime a new symbol appears, the number of free spins you have left will be reset.


    1 Spin Version

    One free spin will be awarded to start this round.

    The number of remaining free spins will reset whenever new symbols appear.


    2 Spin Version

    Two free spins will be awarded to start this round.

    The number of remaining free spins will reset whenever new symbols appear.

    Money Train 3 RTP

    Return to Player (RTP): 96.10%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.10 of wins.