Masters of Valhalla

Be master of the reels with the Masters of Valhalla slot.

Jump into the world of gods Thor, Odin and more as you battle to win big!

    Masters of Valhalla - How to Play

    Play with up to 1024 paylines in this game.

    Game Objective

    The aim of the game is to land winning combinations on the reels.

    Whenever matching symbols land adjacent to each other on the reels, a win will be awarded. 

    Symbols pay out from left to right.

    Any winning lines will be highlighted on-screen, and earnings will automatically be credited to your account.  

    Wild Symbols

    Wild symbols help to complete winning combinations by substituting for other symbols. 

    Wilds can substitute for all symbols apart from Valhalla bonus symbols.

    There are four different coloured Wild symbols, all paying the same. 

    Each colour corresponds with a different god symbol:

    Green Wild: Freya

    Orange Wild: Odin

    Blue Wild: Thor

    Purple Wild: Hel

    Wild God Respins Feature

    During the based game, the Wild Gods Respins feature can be triggered when Wild symbols land on the reels.

    The feature awards one free spin.

    The Wild symbol that triggered the feature will stick to the reels, and between 1-19 additional Wilds of the same colour as the triggering Wild symbol will then land on the reels. 

    If a premium symbol lands during the free spin, it will be stacked with the god matching the colour of the Wild triggering the round.

    Valhalla Bonus Feature

    Unlock the Valhalla Bonus feature by landing a Valhalla Bonus symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5.

    The feature will begin with 20 reels, each with one row.

    The Bonus symbols that triggered the feature will be replaced with Shield symbols, each one with a random multiplier worth 1x-50x attached to it.

    Three free spins are awarded.

    Depending on the symbol that lands during this bonus, different outcomes will be awarded. 

    Wooden ShieldAwards a cash prize worth 1x-9x wager
    Golden ShieldAwards a cash prize worth 10x-50x wager
    ThorAdds a row to the reels and awards 1x-9x wager
    FreyaMultiplies all symbols that land on the same spin and subsequent spins by 2x-9x
    Odin's RavensAdds a multiplier worth 1x-9x to all visible symbols on the reels
    OdinAdds a multiplier worth 1x-9x to all visible symbols on the reels
    GarmrFeatures a value of 1x-9x and collects the values of all visible symbols
    HelFeatures a value of 1x-9x and collects all symbols on that spin and subsequent spins

    The free spins counter will reset every time a new Shield or premium symbol lands on the reels during the bonus.

    God symbol multipliers will be applied in a row-by-row order, from the top-left to the bottom right reel.

    If all reels are successfully filled with symbols, you will be awarded 500x your wager as well as the total bonus winnings.

    When no free spins remain and no new symbols have landed, the bonus round will end.

    The sum of the multipliers active on the reels will be applied to your current wager to form your total win.

    The bonus uses the same wager value as the triggering spin's wager.

    Berserk Booster Meter

    If Bonus symbols lands on reels 1 and 3, the value of the Berserk Booster meter will increase by one.

    The Berserk Booster meter has 10 steps, and filling all of them allows entry into the Valhalla Berserk Bonus when you trigger the Valhalla Bonus.

    Once you have played the Valhalla Berserk Bonus, the Berserk Booster meter will reset.

    The meter progress will be saved for each bet.    

    Valhalla Berserk Bonus

    In the Valhalla Berserk Bonus, the rules are the same as in the Valhalla Bonus feature. 

    Four free spins are awarded at the start of this feature.

    Masters of Valhalla RTP

    The Return to Player (RTP) is the theoretical statistical percentage of the total money bet in a game that is paid out as winnings over time.

    This value is fixed and does not change.

    This game has an RTP for different game modes.

    This base game has an RTP of 96.00%.

    This game has an RTP of 96.05% when buying Valhalla Bonus feature.

    This game has an RTP of 96.18% when buying Valhalla Bonus - Berserk feature.