Marching Legions

Play our Ancient Rome-themed slot Marching Legions, where you could unlock free spins, re-spins and more!

    Marching Legions Slot - How To Play

    Play with up to 243 paylines in Marching Legions.  


    When a full stack of Legionary symbols appears, the Re-spins feature is activated, causing the stack to transform into a Marching stalk where it is sticky and can walk across the reels.

    Before every spin in this feature, all Marching stacks move one place to the left.

    Any full stacks of Legionary symbols that are displayed during Re-spins will transform into Marching stacks automatically.

    When a Legionary stack is removed from the game area, it is transferred to the collect meter. 

    Free Spins will be initiated when 330 Marching stacks have been accumulated.

    Re-spins will conclude when there are no Marching stacks on screen.

    Free Spins

    Complete all five levels on the collect meter (equivalent to 330 Marching stacks) and you will activate Free Spins.

    You will begin your free spins using the average bet size that was active when Marching stacks were being accumulated.

    The feature is played in waves, and in the first wave one Marching stack of Legionary symbols is displayed on the reel furthest to the right.

    To move to the next wave, three special symbols must be accumulated.

    During the Free Spins bonus, symbols can only appear on reel 5.

    When each wave begins, a number of Marching stacks are assigned to you:

    Marching Stacks allocated

    Five Marching stacks will cover the entire game area.   

    Marching stacks move one place to the left prior to each spin occuring, the same as in Re-spins, and any full stacks of Legionary symbols that appear become Marching stacks. 

    The same wave will be played until no Marching stacks exist.

    Free Spins will end if you fail to collect the required amount of symbols to progress to the next wave.

    It is not possible to collect Legionary stacks while you are playing Free Spins. 

    Nudge Feature

    You can nudge partial stacks of Legionary symbols into full stacks, although this is only possible when there are no Marching stacks on the reels.

    For this feature to become available, two or more partial stacks must be displayed on the reels.

    You can use the Nudge feature in the base game as well as bonus rounds. 

    Marching Legions RTP

    Return to Player (RTP): 98.12%

    The expected return to player is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £98.12 of wins.