Honey Rush 100

Bounce into the unbeelievably fun Honey Rush 100 slot game!

Fill the honey pot for the chance to land tasty multipliers worth up to 100x.

    Honey Rush 100 - How to Play 

    Play Honey Rush 100 from 10p per spin.

    This game uses a Cluster Pays mechanic.

    Cluster Pays Mechanic

    This game features a Cluster Pays mechanic, unlike regular slots.

    If five or more matching symbols appear next to each other on the grid, it creates a Cluster Win!

    When there are multiple clusters on the reels that aren't touching, they count as separate cluster wins.

    Game Reels

    The theme of this slot is all about Honey bees, so of course, the reels are designed in a hexagonal shape, just like honeycomb!

    When a Cluster Win is formed, a cascade will occur.

    New symbols will fall into empty spaces on the grid, creating the opportunity for more wins!

    Rush Meter

    All winning symbols are collected into the Rush Meter.

    Complete the charge levels to activate some exciting features!

    The three different charge levels available in the Rush Meter are:

    Winning Symbols
    Feature Activated
    130Drone Colony
    260Worker Colony
    390Queen Colony

    When the Colony feature is activated, the symbol in the middle of the grid will be cloned to form a new cluster win.

    The amount of symbols involved in the cluster win depends on which feature was activated.

    Colony Feature
    Minimum Cluster Created
    Drone7 symbols
    Worker10-15 symbols
    Queen20-37 symbols

    At the end of the feature, you'll bounce back into the base game.

    Sticky Wild Symbols

    Watch for Sticky Wild symbols which can pop up on the reels on any random spin and can move diagonally left or right.

    These symbols will be removed from once they contribute to a cluster win while being close enough to the bottom edge to cascade off the reels.

    When a Sticky Wild symbol reaches this position, it will drop into the honey pot - boosting the multiplier value by one!

    The amount that the multiplier value is boosted depends on the feature activated:

    • Drone Colony - boosts the multiplier by two.
    • Worker Colony - boosts the multiplier by three.
    • Queen Colony - boosts the multiplier by three.

    Overcharge Mode

    Collecting 90 winning symbols in the Rush Meter will activate Overcharge Mode.

    In Overcharge Mode, the symbol in the the middle of the grid is upgraded each time you collect 15 winning symbols.

    Honey Rush 100 RTP

    Return to Player (RTP): 94.20%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £94.20 of wins.