Gemix 2

Discover awesome features, including Crystal Charge, World Wilds and the Pick a Pocket Bonus, during a game of the online slot Gemix 2. 

    Gemix 2 Slot - How to Play

    This slot game employs the cluster pays mechanic. 

    Crystal Charge

    Each time you achieve a win, the Crystal Charge meter will increase. 

    Collect 25 winning symbols to half charge the Crystal Charge meter.

    This will then trigger one of the following Crystal Effects, once cascades have ended: 

    • Chain Lightning - two corner symbols will shoot out electrical arc hitting symbols. These symbols will transform into one of the two corner symbols
    • Light Beam - a symbol will be selected at random. It will shoot out bolts of light horizontally and vertically, changing all symbols in the row and column it hits into a different symbol. 
    • Crystal Wrap - one symbol will be chosen at random. All instances of that symbol will warp into other symbols
    • Nova Blast - one symbol will be randomly selected and explode. All adjacent symbols in a seven-symbol diameter will also be removed from the reels, leaving a cluster of core symbols remaining. The cluster will consist of the same symbols

    The game will continue as normal after the effect has been played, allowing you to further charge the Crystal Charge meter and trigger more effects. 

    Collecting 50 winning symbols will Super Charge the meter. 

    If this happens, all four Crystal Effects will be triggered simultaneously and you'll also be awarded a 2x multiplier. 

    Each time you collect 50 winning symbols, the feature will re-trigger and the multiplier will increase by 2x.

    The multiplier can increase to a maximum of 20x.

    World Patterns

    Gemix 2 features four Worlds: Sky Knight’s World; Miner's World; Princess' World and Wizard's World.

    Each World has two patterns, which you must complete to progress to the next world.

    Complete patterns by winning on the indicated grid positions. 

    Whenever you complete a World, you will be given the option to play the Pick a Pocket game, giving you the chance to win the current World Bonus. 

    The World Bonus increases each time you win during the game.

    All four Worlds have a guardian, meaning there are four different guardians.

    Each guardian also has its own Wild symbol. 

    The first guardian to appear will be the guardian of the world. 

    Guardian Wild symbols override all other symbols in this game - they will be removed from the reels whenever they form part of a winning combination.

    If Crystal Charge is activated during the round, any Wilds that appear will turn into Miner Wilds.

    More information about each of the four World's is listed below:

    • Sky Knight’s World - a maximum of two 2x2 Mega Wilds can appear, which act as single symbols with a 1x multiplier. Wilds will be removed if part of a winning combination.
    • Miner’s World - Up to 10 Wilds can fall from above and land on different reel positions. They will replace any regular symbols in their place. Wilds will be removed if part of a winning combination.
    • Princess’ World - an Edge symbol will be selected as a starting point, which will then turn into a Wild. That Wild will continue to spread to neighbouring symbols until it reaches an Edge symbol in-view. Wilds will be removed if part of a winning combination.
    • Wizard’s World - in this World, up to five Sticky Wild symbols can appear, which will remain on the grid for an entire round or until the Crystal Charge feature in enabled. Sticky Wilds do not drop to the bottom of the screen when other symbols explode nor are they removed when part of a winning combination. 

    Only the highest multiplier is used for each winning cluster.

    Gemix 2 RTP 

    Return to Player: 94.27%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £94.27 of wins.