Arcade Bomb

With four different coloured Bomb symbols in the slot Arcade Bomb, there's plenty of action in this game as you play for the chance to win up to 1,000x your bet! 

    Arcade Bomb Slot 

    Play with up to 20 paylines on Arcade Bomb.

    Reel Bomb

    Whenever a Bomb appears, it will lock onto the reels and countdown with every spin until it explodes.

    There are four different coloured Bomb symbols in this game: yellow, blue, green and purple.

    Each leaves a different blast pattern - when a Bomb explodes, every cell in its blast pattern will transform into the same Mystery symbol.

    More than one Bomb can appear on the reels

    Unexploded bombs within another bomb’s blast pattern will also explode. 

    Yellow Bombs 

    Explode in a vertical line.

    Blue Bombs 

    Explode in a horizontal line.

    Green Bombs 

    Explode in a 'Plus' pattern.

    Purple Bombs 

    Explode in an 'X' pattern.


    For more information about the Daily Jackpots featured in Arcade Bomb, view our dedicated information page.

    Arcade Bomb RTP

    Return to Player: 91.08% 

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £91.08 of wins.