First Person Lightning Roulette

First Person Lightning Roulette is the exciting casino game with big cash prizes up for grabs! Play for a chance to win up to 500x your bet. 

    First Person Lightning Roulette - How To Play

    The aim of First Person Lightning Roulette is to correctly guess what number the ball will land on.

    The wheel features numbers 1-36, plus a single zero.

    Start by placing your bet - bets can be placed on a single number or combination of numbers.

    Lucky Numbers will be chosen at random after the betting time has expired in each game round.

    Lucky Numbers have their own Lucky Payouts - payouts include random multipliers of 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x or 500x your bet. 

    The ball will then automatically spin by an Auto Roulette wheel. 

    If, when it stops, the ball covers one of the pockets you have placed a bet over, you win. 

    The Lucky Payout is awarded if the winning number is one of the Lucky Numbers, and is covered by a Straight Up bet.

    Apart from the Straight Up bet, all other bets pay the regular payouts.


    Bet Type
    Red/Black, Even/Odd, Low/HighEach of these boxes contains 18 numbers and they all pay out at 1:1 (zero is not included in any of them)1/1
    DozenBet on a group of twelve numbers by placing your chip in one of the three boxes marked "1st 12, 2nd 12, or 3rd 12. 0 is not included in any box.2/1
    ColumnBet in one of the boxes labelled 2 to 1 to bet on that column of numbers. 0 is not included in any column.2/1
    LineBet on two street bets (the six different numbers in two rows of three numbers), by placing your chip on the inner left boundary line where the line dividing the two rows intersects it.5/1
    CornerBet on four numbers by placing chips at the corner where the four numbers meet.8/1
    StreetBet on three numbers by placing a chip on the outer right boundary line of the roulette table that is next to the corresponding row of three numbers.11/1
    SplitBet on two numbers by placing a chip on the line that divides the two numbers.17/1
    Straight UpBet on any number, including 0, by placing the chip on the centre of a number.29-499/1

    First Person Lightning Roulette RTP

    Return To Player: 97.10% for all Straight Up Bets and 97.30% for all other bets.

    The optimal theoretical return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £97.30 of wins, should the RTP be 97.30%.