Ted Big Money Scratchcard

Bounce into Ted Big Money Scratchcard for the chance to win instant prizes!

This game includes multiple bonus rounds where free spins and multipliers are up for grabs.

    Ted Big Money Scratchcard - How To Play 

    There's the choice of one, five or ten cards to play in this game. 

    Game 1

    Match two values in Game 1 to receive a prize.

    Game 2

    Uncover Ted's head in Game 2 to receive a prize.

    Game 3

    If your number displayed on the card is of a great amount than Ted's, you will receive a prize.

    Wheel of Fartune Bonus

    Thunder Buddies Bonus symbols may pop up anywhere on the cards.

    If three Thunder Buddies Bonus symbols appear, it will activate the Wheel of Fartune Bonus.

    The wheel can award a cash multiplier prize or activate one of the other bonus features!

    Ted Modifier

    Ted can award one of two modifiers in this bonus round.

    The Lose to Win modifier turns turns a losing game into a winning game.

    The Bonus Boost modifier will add extra Thunder Buddies Bonus symbols to your cards.

    Bar Crawl Bonus

    Choose a bottle for the chance to travel along the trail and boost the multiplier value.

    The trail features special positions that can have positive or negative outcomes.

    Special Position
    GirlsUpgrades at least one multiplier position across the board.
    Pizza HouseLets you run along the trail.
    Ming's TakeawayA Mystery Cash Bonus prize is awarded.
    Big MoneyA Big Money counter is awarded. Collect five of these to activate the Big Money Bonus.
    ArrestedTed is sent to the I.D. Parade.

    Ted's Pyramid Bonus

    Pick a Ted when he appears to either collect the prize currently displayed or continue climbing the pyramid.

    If you reach the top of the pyramid, you will activate the Big Money Bonus.

    Big Money Bonus

    During the Big Money Bonus round,  Ted will be in the centre of the screen surrounded by spinning multiplier values.

    When the spinning stops, the corresponding multiplier prize is awarded.

    Then, pick one of the 'Sale' signs that pops up on the screen.

    The 'Sale' sign picked will determine whether you 'Re-spin' for the chance to receive a new multiplier prize, or 'Collect' the current multiplier prize.

    Ted Big Money Scratchcard RTP

    Return to Player (RTP): 80%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £80.00 of wins.