Bingo Winners Club Daily

Bingo Winners Club Daily is the exciting, money can't buy game offering plenty of chances to win!

    Bingo Winners Club Daily - How to Play

    Tickets for this game cannot be purchased, they must be won in a qualifying Bingo Winners Club game.

    Qualifying games take place in Candy Club and Session Bingo rooms, and feature the BW logo.

    Win one line, two lines or a full house in a qualifying game to receive six free tickets for that evening's Daily game (please note: winning a full house and progressive jackpot at the same time will not award BW tickets). 

    In order to play, you must enter the room and claim your tickets before the game starts.

    Bingo Winners Daily games take place at 20:45 each night.

    How Do Bingo Winners Club Games Work?

    There are two BW games available at Double Bubble Bingo: Bingo Winners Daily and Bingo Winners Weekly.

    To enter either room, you must have won qualifying BW games on the specified days:

    • Bingo Winners Daily - winning a BW qualifying game will award you six tickets for that evening's Bingo Winners Daily game
    • Bingo Winners Weekly - win BW qualifying games between Monday to Sunday to enter the Bingo Winners Weekly room, which takes place every Sunday. You can win a maximum of 72 tickets for the weekly game

    To play both games, you must claim your tickets before the game starts - failing to do so will forfeit your tickets, as they cannot be carried over to the next day. 

    Bingo Winners Club games are located in the Bingo Lobby.

    What Prizes Can I Win?

    The prize money is a set amount, which is decided by us each week and displayed on the Bingo Winners lobby tile.