Crazy Time

Dive into a variety of exciting bonuses for a chance to land incredible wins in Crazy Time!

    Crazy Time - How To Play

    Place your wagers on a bonus game bet spot on-screen to qualify for a bonus game.

    The Top Slot will begin while the main money wheel spins and a random multiplier will be chosen for a random bet spot.

    This can be a number or a bonus game.

    The designated multiplier will be added to the bet spot if they both manage to align in the Top Slot.

    You will receive a prize if the money wheel stops at a number.

    This prize will be multiplied accordingly if the number was assigned a random multiplier.

    Bonuses are triggered by the money wheel stopping on a bonus round.

    If the bonus was assigned a random multiplier, then the multipliers are multiplied at the beginning of the bonus.

    Coin Flip Bonus Game

    The focus of this bonus is a coin featuring a blue side and a red side.

    Each side is assigned a random multiplier value before it automatically flips.

    The coin will land with one side facing up.

    The multiplier is assigned to the face-up side is awarded.

    If the multiplier is low in value, a surprise Rescue Flip may be awarded.

    Cash Hunt Bonus Game

    This bonus features 108 random multipliers that are shown on-screen before being covered by a random symbol.

    All symbols will then shuffle before you are able to select one symbol to aim at.

    At the end of the decision period, your chosen symbol will be shot and the hidden multiplier revealed.

    This multiplier will be applied to your wager.

    Pachinko Bonus Game

    This bonus presents a Pachinko wall on-screen.

    The wall features physical pegs, drop zones at the top and landing zones at the bottom.

    Before each puck drops from the top of the wall, the landing zones will be assigned a random multiplier value or a 'Double' value.

    Pucks fall from randomly selected drop zones at the top and travel through the pegs on the wall down to the bottom.

    You win the prize assigned to the landing zone that the puck lands on!

    If the puck lands on a zone with a 'Double' value, then all landing zone multipliers will double and the puck will drop from a new, random drop zone.

    This process repeats until the puck lands on a multiplier or if the multipliers reach 10,000x.

    A Rescue Drop may be awarded if the puck lands on a zone with a 2x, 3x or 4x multiplier. 

    All zones with a multiplier value lower than the won multiplier will be increased to match the won multiplier's value.

    Crazy Time Bonus Game

    This bonus features a wheel containing 64 segments.

    Each segment is randomly assigned a multiplier value, which may be a 'Double' or 'Triple' value.

    Pick a green, blue or yellow flapper before the wheel starts spinning.

    These flappers will stop at three different segments once the wheel finishes spinning.

    You win the multiplier value assigned to the segment that your chosen flapper has stopped on!

    If one of the flappers is pointing at a 'Double' or 'Triple' segment, then all multiplier values on the wheel will be doubled or tripled accordingly.

    A re-spin is awarded if your chosen flapper has stopped at a 'Double' or 'Triple' segment.

    This process can repeat until the multiplier reaches a value of 20,000x.

    Crazy Time RTP

    Return To Player: 96.08%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers and the RTP is 96.08% we will, on average, pay out £96.08 of wins.