Cash or Crash Live

How far will you climb up the paytable in the awesome live casino game Cash or Crash Live? Play for a chance to win a maximum of 50,000x! 

    Cash or Crash Live - How to Play

    The aim of this game is to climb up the 20-step paytable in order to achieve higher value wins.

    There are three different coloured balls available: green, gold and red, which affect how the game plays out. 

    Game Rules

    Cash or Crash Live features a 20-step, ladder-style paytable - the higher you climb, the bigger the prizes become.

    The drawing ball machine contains 28 different coloured balls: 19 green, one gold and eight red.

    Each time a ball is drawn, the respective feature will trigger.

    Drawn balls will be separated from the rest of the balls until the end of the round.

    Whenever a green or gold ball is drawn, the higher the chance of a red ball being drawn. 

    Reaching the top of the paytable will give you the chance to win a maximum of 18,000x; unless a gold ball is drawn, which will increase the potential win amount to 50,000x! 

    How to Play

    To start, place your bet on the bet spot - the paytable will display potential winnings according to your bet.

    When the betting time is up, the first ball will be drawn, which will result in one of the following outcomes:

    • Green - climb one step up the ladder
    • Gold - move one step up the ladder and receive a shield. The shield will protect you from the next red ball only. You will also be awarded a bonus round
    • Red - if you do not have an active shield, you will crash, lose any winnings and the round will end. If you do have a shield, the shield will be broken before the game resumes

    Green and gold balls increase your potential winnings.

    If a green ball is drawn or your shield is broken, you will be given three options:

    • Continue - continue playing with 100% of your potential winnings
    • Take half - cash out 50% of your potential winnings and continue to play with the remaining 50%
    • Take all - cash out all of your winnings and terminate the game

    Before you make your decision, the chance of each different coloured ball being drawn will be displayed next to the paytable. 

    Please note that the decision you make will become default for all future decision phases in the current game round. 

    Gold Ball

    Whenever a gold ball is drawn, you will be awarded a shield against the next red ball as well as a bonus round. 

    The bonus round is a quick-drawing mode, which requires you to make no decisions (since you are shielded from crashing). 

    It is played automatically and could see extra green balls are drawn - should this happen, you will climb further up the paytable and increase potential winnings. 

    If a red ball is drawn during the bonus, the shield will be broken and you will need to make a decision for each green ball drawn - the next green ball drawn will increase the payouts on the paytable.

    Game Outcome

    The decisions you make will result in the following outcomes:

    • Take all - your total winnings will be displayed and the game will end (you can still follow the gameplay until the end of the round) 
    • Take half - your cashed-out winnings (50%) will be added to your total winnings and you will continue to play with the other 50% of your stake. Unless you have an active shield, the game will end when a red ball is drawn and all potential winnings that you have not cashed out will be lost

    Cashed-out winnings will be paid at the end of the game.

    Cash or Crash Live RTP

    Return to Player: 99.59%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average pay out £99.59 of wins.