Slingo Sweet Bonanza

Check out the awesome slingo game, Slingo Sweet Bonanza, for a chance to land sweet wins and trigger the bonus game. 

    Slingo Sweet Bonanza - How to Play  

    Betting in this game is fixed at 12 paylines.

    Game Features

    Slingo Sweet Bonanza offers numerous features and special symbols to help you achieve wins, as listed below:

    • Bombastic Bonus Symbols
    • Wild Symbols
    • Super Wild Symbols
    • Free Spins
    • Blocker Symbols
    • Extra Spins

    How to Play

    For a chance of winning, you need to match numbers on the reel with numbers on the grid.

    If the number on the reel appears on the grid, it will automatically be marked off for you.

    Mark off five numbers in a row, in any direction, to complete a slingo.

    Achieving eight or more slingos will trigger the bonus game (more information below). 

    To start your game, select your stake size and then click on the 'Start' button. 

    Bonus Game

    To activate the bonus, you either need to complete eight or more slingos, or land at three Bonus symbols simultaneously.

    The bonus is played as a pick game.

    The amount of picks awarded depends on the number of triggering slingos or Bonus symbols that land, as outlined below:

    • Three Bonus symbols = 3 picks, plus a 3x multiplier 
    • Four Bonus symbols: 4 picks, plus a 5x multiplier 
    • Five Bonus symbols: 4 picks, plus a 10x multiplier 

    At the start of the bonus, four Bombs will appear - each will be attached to a hidden multiplier value.

    Pick a Bomb to reveal your prize.

    The multiplier value revealed will be applied to your total winnings for the round.

    More Bombs will appear if you have any picks remaining, and you will get to pick again. 

    If you reveal a lollipop, the bonus will re-trigger.

    The bonus ends when all your picks have been used. 

    Special Symbols

    The following seven symbols could land at any point throughout your game. 

    Keep an eye out, as the majority could help form wins:

    • Wilds - this symbols allows you to mark off any number from the column above 
    • Super Wilds - mark off any number from the whole grid
    • Free Spin - awards you an extra spin
    • Bonus symbol - landing three or more Bonus symbols on the same spin will activate the Bonus Game
    • Blocker - this symbol does nothing

    Extra Spins

    When your game has ended, it is possible to purchase extra spins if you'd like.

    The cost of each spin depends on the current grid position and potential prizes. 

    Please note that the price per spin could be more than your wager. 

    Slingo Sweet Bonanza RTP

    Return To Player: 95.00% - 96.45%. 

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game. 

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out between £95.00 and £96.45 of wins.